• Whether the result of accidental disease introduction, natural disaster, or an act of terrorism, large numbers of animal deaths may pose a daunting carcass-disposal challenge in Florida.
  • Animal carcass disposal can create some of the greatest logistical and health related problems in managing large-scale disaster events affecting animals. For this reason, it was recognized that an integrated planning and emergency response effort involving multiple state, federal and private industry partners was needed. The Animal Carcass Management Working Group was formed in 2006 to address large scale animal carcass disposal issues in Florida. Representatives from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Department of Health, Florida Geological Survey, United States Department of Agriculture, Animal Plant Health Inspection Service/ Veterinary Services and the Natural Resource Conservation Service serve on the working group. Private industry partners also assist the working group in an advisory and technical support role.
  • Questions regarding this working group should be addressed to Greg Christy D.V.M., Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Animal Industry, 850-410-0900, Gregory.Christy@FreshfromFlorida.com.