Agriculture Disaster Specialists

Disaster Information Resources
University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS)

Topic  Name and Title  Contact Information  Specialization
Aquaculture Chuck Cichra
Professor, fisheries and aquatic sciences, Gainesville
(352) 273-3621
Pond and lake management, water quality and fish kills
Ruth Francis-Floyd
Professor of large animal clinical sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Gainesville
(352) 294-4197
Aquatic animal medicine
Cattle John Arthington
Professor and Center Director, animal sciences, Range Cattle Research and Education Center, Ona
(863) 735-1314 ext. 202
 Cattle nutrition
Matt Hersom
Associate Professor, animal sciences, Gainesville
(352) 392-2390
-- Alternative feeds and forage during disasters
-- Caring for cattle when regular buildings and equipment are out of service
Todd Thrift
Associate Professor, animal sciences, Gainesville
(352) 392-8597
Beef quality assurance programs
Citrus Tim Spann
Associate Professor, citrus horticulture, Citrus Research and Education Center, Lake Alfred
(863)956-8649 ext. 18649
Citrus horticulture and production
Dairy Albert De Vries
Associate professor, animal sciences, Gainesville
Improving productivity, profitability and sustainability of dairy farms
Mary Sowerby
Multi-county agent, extension agent III, Suwannee County, Live Oak
(386)362-2771 ext. 258
Economics of dairies
Chris Vann
Extension agent II, Lafayette County, Mayo
Environmental regulations
Christopher Holcomb
Multi-county extension agent I, Bartow
Lactation and reproductive management
Equine Amanda House
Assistant professor, veterinary medicine, Gainesville
(352) 294-4380
Large animal veterinarian
Mark Shuffitt
Extension agent IV, Marion County, Ocala
Preparing horse and livestock farms for disasters
Saundra Tenbroeck
Associate Professor, animal sciences, Gainesville
Horse reproduction, management, selection/evaluation, youth programs
Food Safety Keith Schneider
Associate Professor, food science & human nutrition, Gainesville
(352)392-1991 ext. 309
Protecting against food contamination, risk assessment, food borne pathogens; Food Microbiology
Michelle Danyluk
Assistant Professor, Citrus and Research Education Center, Lake Alfred
(863)956-8654 ext.18654
Protecting against food contamination, risk assessment, food borne pathogens; Food Microbiology
General Disaster Preparation and Response Randy Cantrell
Assistant Professor, family youth and community sciences, Gainesville
(352) 273-3554
Housing Specialist
Michael Spranger
Professor, Community Development
(352) 273-3557
Angie Lindsey
Assistant Professor, Community Issues Education
(352) 273-3552
Ornamentals Aaron Palmateer
Associate Professor, UF/IFAS TREC
(786) 217-9275
Controlling disease in nurseries
Juanita Popenoe
Extension Agent IV, Lake County, Tavares
Nursery production
Pesticide Use and Safety Fred Fishel
Associate Professor, agronomy
Commercial nurseries, greenhouses and sod
Repairing Commercial and Residential Buildings Wendell Porter
Research Scientist, agricultural and biological engineering, Gainesville
(352)392-1864 ext. 187
Efficient Building Systems
Trees Michael Andreu
Associate Professor, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, Gainesville
(352) 846-0355
Forest Systems