• Florida SART Planning Meeting

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    A tentative agenda for the 2015 SART Planning Meeting has been announced and there is a strong emphasis on radiological awareness and planning.

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  • grapes

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    A tornado or hurricane leaves massive amount of wood waste that for years afterward is a fire hazard and insect breeding ground. Meet the air curtain incinerator.

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  • Train

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    SART is supplementing RDSTF regional response effectiveness for dealing with small animals in emergencies by positioning Mini-MARE units.

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SART is a multi-agency coordination group consisting of governmental and private entities dedicated to strengthening all-hazard disaster capabilities through partnerships. Florida SART will support an effective and coordinated incident response for the animal and agricultural sectors in the State of Florida.

SARC SARC "Train the Trainer" Course

The Florida State Animal Response Coalition (SARC) has developed a "Train the Trainer" course. With so many opportunities to practice basic skills in small animal emergency response, SARC's core group of trainers is now ready for reinforcements. More ...

SART Advisory Board MeetingSART Advisory Board Meeting

The next SART Advisory Board meeting is set for Tuesday, September 16th. Advisory Board meetings begin promptly at 10 a.m. and are generally concluded by 2 p.m. More ...

New Florida State VeterinarianNew Florida State Veterinarian

Dr. Michael Short is the new Florida State Veterinarian and Director, Division of Animal Industry, FDACS. As State Veterinarian and DAI Division Director, Short is responsible for the department's animal disease control and prevention efforts, More ...

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