Florida Veterinary Corps

Florida veterinarians and animal health technicians have volunteered to assist animal owners and local officials in responding to animal emergencies. The Florida Veterinary Corps is recruiting more volunteers to help protect our state.

The FVMA is assisting the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in maintaining the roster of volunteers and serves as the point of contact for calling volunteers after a disaster. You can agree to be listed as a Florida Veterinary Corps volunteer, a helper in times of need for your fellow veterinary professionals.

Read the following information and requirements for submitting your application for the Florida Veterinary Corps.

Why Florida Veterinary Corps?


Obligation of Corps Volunteers

Click here to visit the FEMA Emergency Management Institute website to take the following required ICS training before submitting your volunteer application for the Florida Veterinary Corps.

Florida Veterinary Corps Brochure

Florida Veterinary Corps Brochure

Request to Florida Veterinarians by Dr. Michael Short, State Veterinarian/Director +

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