Vector Control Emergency Resource

In the wake of an emergency, increased mosquito populations may pose a serious health threat and potentially hamper response and recovery efforts. Take the necessary actions to prevent a health and safety threat as soon as possible. Be aware of the documentation requirements for reimbursement eligibility following a Presidentially Disaster Declaration.

The following resources are available to expedite approval in the event of a Presidentially Declared Disaster. In certain circumstances, reimbursement of short-term abatement costs that are in excess of usual costs may be available. Complying is no guarantee of funding or eligibility, but if these guidelines aren't followed, it will hinder the ability to receive assistance. During a Presidentially Declared Disaster, a request must be put into Web EOC by the county emergency management to begin the consultation process that is required by the State of Florida.


Neil Richmond

Chief, Bureau of Inspection and Incident Response
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Office: (850) 617-7996
Mobile: (850) 528-5395

Angelika Phillips

Environmental Officer
FEMA Region 4
EHP Office
Office: (770) 220-8786
Mobile: (202) 805-1324