Pet Sheltering Resources


The following SART partners have volunteer opportunities available to the public, veterinary technicians and veterinarians interested in emergency and pet-friendly sheltering.

UF Shelter Medicine Program QR codes


UF FL Shelter Digital Toolkit
Link to our Digital Toolbox for Florida animal shelters who want more information or customizable & shareable materials specific to animal shelters:

  1. Urgent help before, during, or after a disaster
  2. Non-urgent help before, during, or after a disaster
  3. Organizational SOPs, EAPs, MOUs for disasters
  4. Preparing your organization
  5. Shareable graphics & PDFs for community preparedness or shelter preparedness
  6. How to fill out Mission Requests and who to contact if they need help doing so
  7. Information about organizations responding to disasters (ASPCA, HSUS, Code 3, etc.)
  8. Media from disasters and hurricanes in prior years


UF FL Shelter Disaster Consult
Link to a form for Florida animal shelters who need help with, or just want to chat about, any of the following:

  1. Disaster Plan Standard Operation Procedures or Emergency Support Functions (creating or updating)
  2. Strategic planning for disasters (reviewing current resources and procedures, identifying gaps to be addressed, progressive training and response plans, etc.)
  3. Area evaluation and assessment
  4. Search and evacuation of animals
  5. Advice on the setup and coordination of a temporary emergency shelter
  6. Assist with transportation of animals
  7. Record keeping and documentation for rescued animals in the impacted area
  8. Assist with reunification of animals with their families
  9. Provide additional resources when requested, often through our partner organizations
  10. Working within the Incident Command System


UF FL Shelter Disaster Website
Link to our UF Florida Animal Shelter Emergency Assistance and Guidelines webpage


UF FL Disaster Contact Form
Link to a form for Florida animal shelters to update emergency contact information (municipal, private with municipal contract, or private without municipal contract) so we can help them before and during, and then conduct the Animal Health Assessments immediately post-disaster.

Reimbursement for Counties

The Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS Act) provides counties reimbursement - under the FEMA Public Assistance Program - for eligible expenses associated with setting up pet-friendly shelters and transporting those pets, if needed.